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“Human-Biodiversity Interactions through time in Asia-Pacific.”

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PR05A Philippines
The Taiwan - Philippine interaction sphere, 2000 BC to AD 500.

Pr04A* Eastern Pacific

Stepping-stones or barrier: The movement and impact of people throughout the Far Eastern Pacific.

Pr04B* North New Guinea

The archaeology of northern New Guinea, a cultural corridor between Asia, Island Melanesia and the Pacific.

Pr04C* Myanmar

Asia's first people: the role of East Asia in human evolution during the past half million years.

Pr04D* Darwin, Australia

Bushfire smoke and the relationship between human and landscape health

Pr04E New Guinea-Pacific

Coprophilous Fungi: A new proxy for human settlement and pig husbandry in Asia-Pacific.

Pr03A ACT, Australia

State of the mountain mires of the Australian Capital Territory after fires 14-22 January 2003.

                   Project Code Pr02A= First project starting in 2002
                   *ARC Funding

ARC - Australian Research Council
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
National Geographic
Potential PhD, Masters and Honours Degree projects

  • All projects detailed above contain potential Ph.D, Masters and Honours Degree topics with additional funding available to support fieldwork and radiocarbon dating.
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