PalaeoWorks members


The members of PalaeoWorks include core staff of the Department of Archaeology and Natural History (current Head, Dr Sue O’Connor) graduate students, and associate researchers who specialize in palaeoecology and archaeological sciences in the Asia-Pacific region.


For current staff profiles and contact details click on names below

Research Staff PhD/MA/Honours Students
Dr Simon Haberle
Mark Burrows
Prof Geoff Hope Divya Dass
Dr Mike MacPhail Jan Finn
Dr Nick Porch Iona Flett
Dr Matiu Prebble Feli Hopf
Dr Janelle Stevenson Ben Keaney
Sue Rule (JCU postdoc) Andrew Thornhill
Associate members 2009 Visiting Fellows
Tony Barham

Dr Paul Augustinus (University of Auckland, NZ)

Dr Doreen Bowdery Louise Callard (Plymouth University, UK)
Dr Andy Fairbairn Fiona Dyason (University of Western Australia)
Dr Kate Harle Dr Wiebke Kirleis (University of Keil, Germany)
Dr Richard Gillespie Dr Xun Li (Int. Res. Center for Japanese Studies, Japan)
Dr Rachel Nanson Ulrike Proske (University of Bremen, Germany)
Dr Nuno Vasco Oliveira Dr Naoko Sasaki (Res. Inst. for Hum. & Nat., Japan)
Dr Cassandra Rowe  
Dr Mike Smith (Nat. Mus. Aust.)  
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