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Technical Reports
Technical reports are manuscripts published online by PalaeoWorks and are intended to support palaeoecological and archaeobotanical research in the Asia-Pacific and Australian region.

Please download technical reports available below or contact us for hardcopy versions.

  1. Macphail, M. and Hope, G.S. (2003) Natural Histories: An illustrated guide to fossil pollen and spores preserved in swamps and mires of the Southern Highlands, NSW. PalaeoWorks Technical Report 1. p.25 + 134 pollen and spore taxa as colour images.

  2. Hope, G.S. (2004) Indo-Pacific Pollen Database, Reference List. PalaeoWorks Technical Report 2. p.30.

  3. Macphail, M. and Stevenson, J. (2004) Fungal Spores in Archaeological Context. PalaeoWorks Technical Report 3. p.110 + 151 fungal taxa as colour images.

  4. Fairbairn, A. (2005) Simple bucket flotation and wet-sieving in the wet tropics. PalaeoWorks Technical Report 4. p.18.

  5. Stevenson, J. and Haberle, S.G. (2005) Macro Charcoal Analysis: A modified technique used by the Department of Archaeology and Natural History. PalaeoWorks Technical Report 5. p.8.

  6. Haberle, S.G. (2005) Ethnobotany of the Tari Basin, Papua New Guinea: A Filemaker Pro 5 Database. PalaeoWorks Technical Report 6. p.16 + 1162 species database.

  7. Haberle, S.G., and OZ-INTIMATE Members. (2005) Outcomes of the 2004 OZ-INTIMATE Meeting, ANSTO, Lucas Heights, NSW, Australia. PalaeoWorks Technical Report 7. p.6 & Poster. ,

  8. Rowe, C. (2006) The Australasian Pollen and Spore Atlas User Document. PalaeoWorks Technical Report 8. p.30.

  9. Smith, M. and Fankhauser, B. (2009) Geochemistry and identification of Australian red ochre deposits. PalaeoWorks Technical Report 9. p.141.
    and Supplementary Data
    [EDXA1996, EDXA1998, ICPMS1995, ICPMS1998, Ochre Data2005]

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