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Current pollen risk in Canberra

Grass Pollen Risk
week ending 30th Nov 2007

Atmospheric pollen trends during Nov 2007

  • Grass pollen returns to low levels during wet
    period of November
  • 15th to 21st Nov is the highest allergenic period
    (grass pollen + fungal spores)
  • Plantago pollen season begins on the 9th Nov
  • Rumex pollen season begins on the 19th Nov

  • climate data from Bureua of Meteorology
  • high dust days = days registering periods of particle counts > 20000grains/m3/hr
    (visible semi-opaque area on sample tape)

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Grass pollen allergy
forecast categories
1 - 30
50 - 149
Very High
*Most sufferers will start to experience symptoms when the count (grains/m3 of air) reaches the moderate category (from NPARU, UK )
ANU participants
Dr Simon Haberle (RMAP)
Dr Janelle Stevenson (ANH)
Feli Hopf (ANH)
Ben Keaney (ANH)
Dr Mat Prebble (ANH)
Ivan Hanigan (NCEPH)
Prof Janette Lindesay (Fenner)
Prof Marjan Kljakovic (MedSc)
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