ANU Postdoc: Cassandra Rowe 2005-2006


Biogeographical Statement
Previously based within the School of Geography and Environmental Science, Monash University, and having recently completed my doctoral studies on the Holocene history of vegetation change in the Torres Strait region (northern Australia), I have transferred to ANH primarily to work on the Australasian Pollen and Spore Atlas during 2006.

Research Interests
Palynology, including archaeological palynology; fire history and environmental change, with a particular interest in seasonal tropical vegetation communities, and the utilization of multi-proxy (multi-disciplinary) techniques as a means of developing palaeoenvironmental records. Interest in the relationship between people and their environment, both past and present, incorporating the issue of humans as agents of vegetation change.

Selected Publications

Rowe, C. (in press) Landscapes in western Torres Strait history. In David, B., Barker, B. and McNiven, I. (eds) The Social Archaeology of Indigenous Societies. Aboriginal Studies Press, Canberra.

Rowe, C. (in press) Holocene vegetation change on Mua. In, David, B., Tomsana, D. and Quinnell, M. (eds) Gelam’s Homeland: cultural history on the island of Mua, Torres Strait. Queensland Museum Press.

Rowe, C. and Kershaw, P. (in press) Microbotanical remains in landscape archaeology. In, David, B. and Thomas, J. (eds) Handbook of Landscape Archaeology. World Archaeological Congress, Research Handbook Series. Left Coast Press.

Rowe, C. (2005) Research on Mua’s Ancient Environments. Report to Muagal (Torres Strait Islanders) Corporation, Kubin, Mua. Cultural Heritage Report Series: 17. Monash University Press.

Rowe, C. (2005) Research on Badu and Zurath’s ancient environments. Report to Mura Badulgal (Torres Strait Islanders) Corporation, Badu, Torres Strait. Cultural Heritage Report Series: 18. Monash University Press.

Rowe, C., Stanisic, J., David, B. and Lourandos, H. (2001) The helicinid land snail Pleuropoma extincta (Odhner, 1917), as an environmental indicator in archaeology. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum, 46(2), 741-770.

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